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Summer Sangria

This weekend begins Summer in Portland. I’ve had TONS of requests for our Sangria recipe. So I’ve decided to give you two versions. The more “wine punch” version that we make at the winery and the alcohoholic version you can make at home!

The first time I made Sangria it was 1996. That year for Christmas I was given a copy of Australia Womens Weekly Cocktail Guide (along with a box of boozes). I poured over that cocktail book planning and imagining all of the exotic sounding cocktails I would make. the most used page ended up being page 52 Wine-based Sangria. Here is a copy of that well loved recipe:

1 Bottle Red Wine

30ml Cointreau

30ml Bacardi

30 ml Brandy

1/2 Cup Sugar


Pour ingredients into a large container filled with ice, stir well until combined then pour into serving glass. Garnish with orange, lemon and strawberry pieces.

Needless to say the first time I made this it was a HIT! I don’t remember what wine used by you can see by the picture it was enjoyed.

A few years later we were at one of our first wine festivals. We needed a draw to the booth (as if the name Hip Chicks do Wine wasn’t enough). One of us had the bright idea to make Sangria and even 13 years later it is a real hit! Of course with our local liquor laws as a winery we can’t add the “good stuff” so we make something more like a wine punch. Honestly every time I make it there is a different mix but this will give you an idea:

Hip Chicks do Wine Sangria

Wine–At least 2 bottles. I always make the base something light and fruity. Typically our Belly Button Wine or Wine Bunny Blush. To that I add 1/3 to 1/2 a bottle of a nice fruity red. Malbec, Cabernet, Drop Dead Red–just something to give it a little kick. Now for about 1/4 – 1/3 of a cup of non-alcoholic triple sec. I know-I know sounds boring but it adds some sugar. Finally a splash of lemon-lime soda. And taste. sometimes you need more triple sec, sometimes more soda. Slice up oranges, lemons and strawberries, throw in some grapes for fun. And we’re in business!



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